Workforce Solutions

Consistency, control and visibility are the hallmarks of managing a solid staffing partnership.

In a competitive marketplace, clients want experienced employees quickly and efficiently. All Medical Personnel caters to healthcare employers that need a complete workforce solution.We specialize in workforce management solutions for multi-worksite clients including local, statewide, regional and national operations. Our trio of solutions – Amplify MSS,  MSP and RPO – cover virtually any type of contingent workforce requirement. Read more about our comprehensive workforce service solutions below, or contact us for an in-depth analysis of your organization’s needs.

Workforce Management Services

Our three powerful workforce management services are flexible enough for even the most complex requirements, from dispersed work sites across the U.S. to end-to-end recruitment solutions. No matter what your business requires, we work your way.

Amplify MSS

Amplify Managed Staffing Solution is a VMS on steriods.  


Managed Service Program is our flagship Workforce Management Service. 


Recruitment Process Outsource Solutions for Enterprise Business.

(One) Location is Everything.
Centralized is smarter for workforce management.

All Medical Personnel operates all of its Workforce Solutions using a Centralized Service Model (CSM). In a CSM, the client’s primary contact and service team are housed in one central U.S. location which dramatically streamlines the staffing process. In comparison, within a decentralized (traditional) branch model, there can be multiple service points and contacts across the country.

In a CSM, the entire account is managed by the same leadership, not different management teams across the U.S. Changes and critical updates to the client’s requirements are efficiently disseminated to the service team when they are all together in one location.

Furthermore, cloud technology allows All Medical Personnel to complete candidate sourcing, screening and virtual on-boarding from a centralized service location.

The CSM offers many advantages and efficiencies for the client, employee and All Medical Personnel, providing a streamlined process that saves time and money for all parties involved.

Centralized vs. De-Centralized Models

Greater Control
Higher Visibility
Solid Consistency
Congruent Leadership
Hands-On Management
Unified Communication

Centralized models provide the client with consistent and coordinated service and account monitoring by on-site management.

Map of the US with a centralized office point

Less Control
Less Visibility
Less Consistency
Disparate Leadership
Lots of Contacts and Contracts
Contrasting Service Styles

De-centralized models create a wide range of service delivery styles that generate inconsistencies in service delivery.

Map of the US with decentralized office points


What do others say?
"I have had a great experience working with the [MSP] program team. Kathy is such a pleasure to work with. She is always very helpful and will walk me through any technical issues or questions I am having. I believe we have developed a great partnership. Very likely [to recommend Amplify], I really like the system. I like the phone interview confirmation section. Once a provider is hired it’s a very smooth process through the system."
Account Manager
Healthcare Staffing
Locum Tenens

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants


RNs and more including travel nursing and staff nursing services.

Allied Health

Healthcare support, laboratory, and administrative staff.

Permanent Placement

Executive Management, Physicians, NPs, PAs.

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