Travel Nurse Staffing for RNs, LPN/LVNs, CSTs & Sterile Processing

As a national staffing firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry, All Medical Personnel offers a wide range of travel nurse specialties for staffing at hospitals, schools, clinics, and many more types of employers. All Medical Personnel Travel Nursing is Joint Commission® Certified.

Full Spectrum Nurse Staffing

Travel Nurse Staffing for Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), Surgical Techs (CST), and Sterile Processing Technicians (SP)

For decades, All Medical Personnel has been the partner of choice for healthcare companies seeking clinical staffing solutions. Our travel nurse clients include leading multi-national corporations, medium sized businesses, schools and universities, entrepreneurial startups, labs, small clinics and nonprofit organizations across a variety of industries. We bring a unique understanding of the insight and experience necessary to meet the challenges of a changing nurse labor market. Call us at 1-800-410-0084 to learn how we can help you.

Joint Commission Certified

Travel Nurse Positions We Staff

From Hospitals to Schools to Clinics and Beyond

All Medical Personnel offers travel nurse staffing and workforce solutions for employers including Hospitals, Clinical Labs, Physician Offices, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Community Health Clinics, Urgent Care Centers, Outpatient Facilities, Insurance, Managed Care, Healthcare Service Networks, Dialysis Centers, Workers Comp, Dental Offices, Occupational Healthcare Organizations, Customer Service, Physician Practices, Retail Pharmacies, Local Government, State Government, Federal Government, Health & Wellness Centers, Surgery Centers, Correctional Facilities, Workers Compensation Organizations, Rehab Facilities, and more. We place travelers for the following specialties:

Ambulatory (RN/LVN/LPN) | Clinic (RN/LVN/LPN) | Corrections (RN/LVN/LPN) | Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) | Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) | OR Tech| RN – Behavioral Health | RN – Burn Intensive Care Unit | RN – Cardiac Catheterization | RN – Cardiology| RN – Cardiovascular Operating | RN – Case Manager | RN – Cath Lab| RN – Dialysis| RN – Emergency Room | RN – Endoscopy | RN – First Assist| RN – Gastroenterology | RN – Intensive Critical Care | RN – Interventional Radiology| RN – Labor & Delivery | RN – Medical/Surgical | RN – Neonatal ICU | RN – Neurology| RN – Nurse Educator| RN – Obstetrics | RN – Occupational Health | RN – Oncology| RN – Operating Room | RN – Pediatric | RN – Psychiatric | RN – Radiology| RN – Rehab / Long Term Care| RN – Stepdown| RN – Surgical Intensive Care | RN – Telemetry | RN – Telephonic| RN – Trauma ICU | RN – Urgent Care| RN – Utilization Management | RN – Remote| School Nurse| Sterile Processing Technician (SP) | Surgical Tech (CST)

Workforce Solutions for Travel Nursing

Discover Amplify MSP for Enterprise-Level Contingent Labor Management

Flexible, customizable, full-spectrum staffing management for one or 1,000 locations. Amplify MSP™ is an enterprise-scale solution enabling our largest customers to recruit, staff, and manage hundreds or thousands of travelers across complex operations, either locally or nationally.

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