Loyalty Bonus Program for LPNs and LVNs of All Medical Personnel

Welcome to Champs Club-LPN!

Champs Club-LPN is a loyalty bonus program for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) of All Medical Personnel. The Club is much like an airline or hotel points program except that it is based on hours you work with us. The Club’s three statuses – Silver, Gold and Platinum – are based on your loyalty hours. Each status has four tiers of bonus payments totaling $1,250, $1,750 and $2,250, respectively. Bottom line: earn bonus payments simply by working with us, that’s it! The longer you work with us, the more loyalty hours you earn, and the more bonus money you are paid.

You can move up Club statuses and tiers to attain higher and higher bonus payments every 450 loyalty hours. Loyalty hours are eligible cumulative hours you have performed work for us. Your All Medical Personnel Nurse Recruiter can provide details about this bonus program or you can read the club policies, rules and terms here.

Champs Club Loyalty Bonus Program


Starting at 600 loyalty hours
$ 1,250 Total Bonus Payments
  • Bonus Tier S1 - $250
  • Bonus Tier S2 - $250
  • Bonus Tier S3 - $250
  • Bonus Tier S4 - $500


Starting at 2,400 loyalty hours
$ 1,750 Total Bonus Payments
  • Bonus Tier G1 - $250
  • Bonus Tier G2 - $250
  • Bonus Tier G3 - $250
  • Bonus Tier G4 - $1,000


Starting at 4,200 loyalty hours
$ 2,250 Total Bonus Payments
  • Bonus Tier P1 - $250
  • Bonus Tier P2 - $250
  • Bonus Tier P3 - $250
  • Bonus Tier P4 - $1,500

Start Earning Bonuses

Please tell us a little about yourself. A nurse recruiter will reach out to you so you can start earning your way to Champ’s Platinum status!