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Amplify Workforce Integrated VMS

Harmonize Your Staffing Vendors

Spend time focusing on what matters without the busywork and hassle of managing contingent labor. Amplify Workforce is an integrated vendor management service, funded exclusively by the vendors. A dedicated Amplify team utilizes cutting edge VMS technology to manage your contingent labor and associated agency relationships. You engage with Amplify to determine the vendors best suited for your program.

Amplify is optimized for organizations that use multiple staffing vendors. By leveraging Amplify’s top quality program management and powerful reporting tools, you can gain visibility across operations, reduce time-to-fill, monitor contingent labor spend, track real-time performance, and pay a single vendor invoice. Furthermore, Amplify allows inclusion of internal float/PRN pools.

Amplify is web-based. It can be accessed from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. It can also integrate with internal technology platforms including HRIS, EMR and IT systems.

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Six Features of Amplify

1. Dedicated Support Team

Access to an experienced staffing team with one point of contact.

2. Ordering and Reporting

Gain visibility by placing staff needs in one place regardless of vendor.

3. Invoice Consolidation

Single weekly invoice consolidates all vendor billing.

4. PRN Pool Maximization

Manage internal Float/PRN pools with Amplify.

5. Integrated Compliance

Ensure all candidates meet compliance and credentialing standards.

6. Vendor Contract Management

Control contracts to stimulate fill rates and improved cost controls.​

1) What is Amplify?

Amplify is an integrated vendor management service that solves a variety of staffing pain points using a streamlined communication approach via the vendor management software and a centralized service model. The Managed Service Provider team is able to effectively execute the program requirements by managing the full requisition and candidate life cycle. Through clearly defined key performance indicators and service level agreements we are able to measure and manage the program’s success.

2) Who manages the day to day communication with vendors?

The Amplify dedicated program team, with specialized industry knowledge, is responsible for managing the day to day operations. This includes full cycle requisition management from entry of the requisition, assisting in ensuring the need is staffed, the onboarding process, compliance requirements, confirmation of first day information, and periodic evaluations to the client, vendor and temporary worker.

3) How is the program funded?

The program is fully vendor funded by an industry standard administrative fee.

4) Is the program vendor neutral?

Yes, the program is vendor neutral.

5) How do you ensure vendor neutrality?

Job orders can be set-up to be released to all vendors at the same time or tiered based on criteria or a schedule.

6) Can Amplify manage user permissions and what information each user has access to? 

Yes, Amplify can limit which information users have access to and set-up varied levels of approval flows.

7) How many invoices will finance receive from the various vendors?

One invoice will be delivered on a weekly basis with all approved time and expenses from Amplify.

8) Can Amplify integrate with internal technical solutions?

Yes, Amplify can integrate into a variety of solutions. Depending on the complexity of the integration a cost may be associated.

9) What type of reports can Amplify supply?

Amplify has a number of standard reports including overall spending, on-demand real time reporting for requisition review, candidate and engagement life cycle, supplier engagement, and overall spending broken out by location. All of which assist our clients in determining program cost savings.

10) What happens to existing contracts with vendors?

Amplify’s supplier onboarding team will work with client leadership to ensure all vendors are brought into the program on our standard Master Supplier Agreement containing all terms in the client Master Service Agreement between the client and Amplify.

11) What are the next steps?

Once the Amplify Master Service Agreement is signed with the client, we will schedule an implementation kick-off call with key stakeholders to discuss the implementation process and project plan. A standard Amplify implementation is 90 days.

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