Testimonials and Reviews

What clients and candidates say about our company and team members.

"This temp organization is very helpful in finding great staff with all the skill sets and attributes that I requested for my medical practice. They listen to my exact needs and are very professional and courteous as well. I have been working with this agency for multiple years and will continue to do so as the need arises."

Ops Client in Florida

"All Medical has been amazing in meeting our Locum Tenen needs. All their staff have been very responsive to our emails and met our Privileging and Credentialing requirements quickly. We have had great communication and this has been a smooth and effective process. I would recommend All Medical for all your Locum Tenen needs."

HR Client in Georgia

"Norma was excellent!! Her energy was high and receptive!! This is the best experience I have ever had over the phone with a recruiter!! She is awesome!! All gold stars ⭐️"

Candidate in United States

"Thank goodness for Kathy. I would have never gotten this position filled if it hadn't been for her help. Thank you."

Client in United States

"Good communication throughout application process. Ms. Diana was very informative and answered all questions thoroughly. Also she made herself accessible every step of the way making the process easy to navigate."

Candidate in Louisiana

"I am having a great experience with the MSP Program Team. The staff is very responsive and helpful. "

Workforce Consultant | Florida

"Very friendly and easy to work with NICE PEOPLE!"

Customer in Dayton, Ohio

"My experience thus far with All Medical Personnel has been fantastic. They communicate regularly and effectively. They have been responsible with my time and I sincerely appreciate and recognize the hard work they are doing. They are constantly asking what they can do better and I look forward to continuing the relationship."

Manager, Talent Acquisition in Arlington, Texas

"I loved the friendliness of Gwen and the ease of communication. The original message text to me was warm and inviting. I was driving around town and Gwen was incredibly patient with me getting back to her, as well as answering all of my questions. This is my first experience with AllMedical and I would recommend other colleagues seek employment through this company."

Candidate in San Antonio, Texas

"All the AMP staff that I worked with were very responsive, understanding, and helpful in assisting my agency during this time and with meeting time-sensitive needs. "

Director in Albany, New York

"Nyla has been awesome! She's been very thorough, informative, and helpful throughout this whole process!"

Candidate in West Virginia

"Of all the recruiters I’ve worked with over the years, you are by far superior in terms of the level of information you provide about the firm, culture, role and any nuances you feel would be important to your candidates to know. I really appreciate that! If my next engagements are in healthcare, I’d certainly recommend your services!”

Current Client, USA

"Fernie is great at her job! Always available and seeing me through the stages of the contract and customer needs. And my needs too! Awesome! Thank you!"

Client in United States

"We have a very good experience working with All Medical. It was a very easy onboarding process working with Michelle. We have only been partnering with All Medical for a few months and we have already proven results. In the beginning, we needed additional support from them in order to ramp up quickly. They have the perfect combination of their timely response time, dedication to support their clients and their sincere efforts to make their staffing partners successful. Specifically, Kathy has been an outstanding resource for us. What we like best is the true partnership we feel from them as a Master Service Provider (MSP). We highly recommend their program!"

Director of Operations in California

"Joi is very attentive and works diligently to place her nurses. She does an amazing job keeping our nurses updated and she's honest ... which is definitely a plus!"

Customer in Jacksonville, Florida

"As a nurse practitioner for over 25 years I am excited the last 2 1/2 years to be doing locum assignments I see a variety of patients in locum's work and this gives me added funds to continue to volunteer for annual amazing international medical missions. As I am trilingual, English Spanish and Portuguese, I have many many opportunities for job assignments. However, I especially like working with Sarah whom is so professional and cannot say enough about the organization and professionalism of this specific recruiting company. Look forward to growing in my nurse practitioner skills and seeing different parts of the US through locum tenens work."

EV, Nurse Practitioner

"Very professional, courteous and pleasant. Ms Cynthia and Ms Chelsea...I love them both! A big thank you"

Candidate in United States

"Worked at a wonderful clinic. Allie made sure everything went well. She went above and beyond to find me a place to stay. Good experience working with your company, and would gladly do so again."

IM, Physician

"I got two, nice Locums jobs last year, good pay, excellent conditions."

George, Locums Provider

"Excellent, the service level is far above average, really superb. Recruiters keep my team informed and are quick to respond to request or hiring changes."

Director of HR | Dallas, TX

"ONE DAY I OPENED THE E-MAIL WITHOUT PAYING ATTENTION TO SENDER, SAYING DOCTOR CAN YOU HELP. It happened to be an invitation from locum tenens All Medical Personnel to work. Eventually I learned that my resume is quite impressive and with trepidation applied for new job. Now I am enjoying surprise trips to new locations, meeting new people and corporate culture as well as trying to incorporate some features into my small private practice."

MKD, Physician

"All Medical Personal has a great group of Account Managers. They are friendly and helpful. They work hard to fill our needs. We appreciate their timeliness and the fact that they provide all required documents for credentialing at once. The rates are also competitive also. Thanks for all you do!"

HR Business Partner | Tulsa, OK

"The communication was great, all the information was delivered perfectly. "

Customer in Miami, Florida

"Thanks to Kortni and her associates at AllMedical Personnel my transition from full time practice to working locum tenens could not have been smoother. She contacted me more than a year ago to determine by interests and availability. I said that I was looking to work either several days a week or to work a couple of weeks a month. After sending my CV she got back with me with several opportunities in both categories. The credentialing took place with out a hitch as did the interviews with the client companies. After clients extended offers I had excellent on - site training prior to starting the assignments. Kortni and her associates arranged transportation when needed as well as lodging. The payroll system is a gem. I am reimbursed weekly by direct deposit and at the end of year the 1099 was available on line in early January. Talking with other Allmedical providers I learned that my experience was typical. As an aside, if I needed to have a day off to attend to a personal or family matter Kortni was always able to arrange coverage. Thanks to Kortni and Allmedical, locum work is very satisfying professionally and personally for me and my wife."

PG, Locums Provider

"Gabriella and Becky are always pleasant and professional. They got me the information I needed in a timely and pleasant manner. I could not have ask for more!"

Candidate in Southeast Alabama

"When I retired in December of 2015, I really wasn't looking for anything immediately in the medical field to keep me busy. I just wanted to "chill out" for a while. Then after about 2 months I realized how much I missed interacting and caring for people. I had a God given gift for service and caring. I did not want it to go to waste after 41 years of practice. So I put my resume out on line. I received an e-mail from a very pleasant and polite Sarah. That led to a phone call. I informed her of what I wanted and location. She came through with flying colors. A brief 1/2 day urgent clinic near my home just was what I was looking for. Thank you Sarah. I am very pleased with her ability to accommodate my needs and I hope it is mutual that I can help as well."

CAI, Locums Provider

"I am impressed with the speed of service. I filled out my application late one night and had a phone call from Allie the very next morning. She has been informational and since I have limited time available she worked with the time frames I had to offer. Excellent service. I will enjoy working with her as my career unfolds."

ER, Locum Tenens

"From the first email to the All Medical team they sprung into action and were true partners every step of the way. It is a business relationship that I truly value and has genuinely helped our organization and the patients we serve. "

Client in Charlotte, North Carolina

"Robert and his co-workers had been a pleasure to work with. He is always courteous and encouraging when presenting me information on opportunities. He works hard to find the jobs that I am comfortable with. When I had a family emergency, his understanding and compassion eased the difficult decisions I had to make. I trust him for my locum tenens needs."

MDF, Provider

"Everyone I have had contact with has been very polite and prompt."

Customer in Ohio

"I have had a great experience working with the [MSP] program team. Kathy is such a pleasure to work with. She is always very helpful and will walk me through any technical issues or questions I am having. I believe we have developed a great partnership. Very likely [to recommend Amplify], I really like the system. I like the phone interview confirmation section. Once a provider is hired it’s a very smooth process through the system."

KW, Account Manager

"Introduction was very pleasant information about a possible job. Alex and Fernie could not have been more helpful and informative and that came shining through. They made this very easy to understand and I look forward to working with you all! Thank you!"

Client in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"I connected with Allie at allMedical by chance. Having decided to "slow down", I sold my practice 7 years ago and took a job PT caring for the under-served. Like many Doctors I have received countless job opportunities daily through the years. As usual, I delete them or don't return calls. Allie's invitation however caught my attention. Her job notice email was inviting. It actually intrigued me to read it and subsequently contact Allie. She and the team were so nice to work with. I never felt pressured to accept the offer or rushed to complete paperwork upon choosing to move forward with the offer. Allie was so accommodating and patient. It had been years since I had updated my CV etc. I literally threw one together and she patiently waited as I "tweaked" it for her. They even worked around my time frame to start work with them. She was thorough and prompt with all the paperwork in basically 2 emails. I look forward to our mutual work endeavors. The best locums company I've worked with thus far!"

DOC, Locums Provider

"Melissa, her diligence and kindness in securing a locums assignment. Always checking in to make sure everything is good. Thank you!!"

Locums Provider in Atlanta

"I have been working with Robert with All Medical for about 9 months. I have worked with 5 different locums/staffing agencies, and this has been the best experience by far. From the application/credentialing process, communication process, and getting assignments in my area, the process has been very easy. Robert is great about communicating with me and responds very quickly. I am very happy to be working with this company and with Robert."

WG, Locums Provider

"Excellent customer service. Ms. Mary Jean was very helpful, answered all my questions and concerned and returned my call back really fast."

Customer in Kansas

"Life for me has not been a crystal staircase...... HA!! It hasn't been for anyone else either but this is why I started working as a locum. I started working as a locum when I no longer had options. I left working at a clinic because I had a feeling it would shut down soon due to competition and I no longer worked at a quality company and needed and wanted to use my clinical skills and have a more flexible schedule. At the time I started with allMedical, I also started with another company. When comparing the two, allMedical provided me with consistent work at great locations. Not only that, the recruiters and management were awesome. It was like I gained a few family members who I could chat up about work and family. The team at allMedical is great and I am not just saying that because of [Robin] who was my manager at the time. The entire team is awesome and they still are some 4-5 years later."

MC, Locums Provider

"I love that this company is very organized when it comes to managing their staff needs & schedule ”

Client in New York City, New York

"Melissa and her team are amazing!! They are easy to work with As well as polite and accommodating. I'm very happy to say I am part of Melissa's team. They are over the top!!"

K, Locum Tenens

"Jasmine was amazingly friendly and helpful in the hiring process and just an outgoing fun person and thats what this world needs more of 🙂 Thanks Jasmine so very much.”

Candidate in Roanoke, Virginia

"My experience with the company has been exceptional! My recruiter Morgan Agan has done and continues to do a phenomenal job! Answers all my questions/concerns in a timely manner and always does her best to help me when I need her. She has been very supportive and attentive to my needs/requests. I would highly recommend Morgan and All Medical personnel to any colleague or friend who is in the medical field looking for work."

PG, Registered Nurse

"Direct, Quick and Professional!”

Customer in Norfolk, Virginia

"With the help of Robert at All Medical I was able to be placed locally as a locum tenen, where I had opened my own practice in 2015. He was very efficient and kept communication with me on a regular basis."

MO, Locums Provider

"Computer friendly application process.”

Candidate in Coastal North Carolina

"Being relatively new to the locum tenens scene, I was concerned about who I would find as a recruiter. I was happy to find Tyler who was so eager to work with me to find the best situation for my specific needs and location. He was personable and genuinely concerned about my particular situation and worked constantly to come up with appropriate placements. It was always a pleasure to talk with him and he made it all so easy. I look forward to continue to work with him in the future."


"Melody was very proficient and I enjoyed talking with her. Danny also helped greatly.”

Candidate in New Jersey

"I am working with All Medical for last several mos and I can say without hesitation that they are the best in their profession particularly, Kortni that I had privilege to work with."

SJ, Locums Provider

"Thank you so much Ms Melody, [you] are always nice, and very helpful."

Candidate in U.S.

"I received a call from Melissa about a job opportunity. She was very pleasant to talk with and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the job she was offering. With a callback which was also well done, I was offered the job. Two days later I was working for allMedical. A very good experience."

HI, Locums Provider

"Steven [is] so helpful and rapid response. Thanks a million."

Candidate in Pompano Beach, Florida

"I started my first locums job because I wanted to do short term jobs that would keep things interesting and give me a change. I like going to a job and helping out but I don't have to get into office politics or worry if I'll have Christmas off this year. Now I can pick and choose which holidays I work. If I want more weekends, I ask for more. My representative at All Medical, Sarah is just the best. She is always friendly, helpful and not the least bit pushy. I think she makes all the difference. I am thankful I am at a place where I can do locums and I am thankful for All Medical."

ADE, Locums Provider

"Eve is always on top of things."

Nurse in Witchita, Kansas

"Worked at a wonderful clinic. Allie made sure everything went well. She went above and beyond to find me a place to stay. Good experience working with your company, and would gladly do so again."

IM, Physician

"Drew did a fantastic job helping me through everything and explaining everything so thorough."

Candidate in U.S.

"I have been with All Medical Personnel for nearly 2 years and from day 1 my experience with the company has been wonderful. My recruiter Morgan always follows through with my job requests she is available whenever I reach out. This past year I had some family issues & Morgan was right there available to talk & was very understanding. I appreciate the hard work she puts in to making sure I get the best experience with my journey in travel nursing. AMP is an excellent company to work for, I hope to travel with them for many more years!"

CF, Travel RN

"Communication was excellent! Joi helped guide me through the steps to take!"

Candidate in U.S.

"My experience with All Medical Personnel in the past few months has been extremely positive! Kathy has been our main point of contact, and she has been very patient and helpful to us as we learn how to navigate Amplify on both the staffing and payroll sides! We were able to quickly set up a training with her and she has also been very quick to answer any additional questions that come up. We only had a basic understanding of Amplify before, and we now have a greater insight on tips and tricks which results in faster staffing results!"

Client in Kansas

"I worked as an NP for 6 years before taking the plunge into the world of Locums. I started with a 10 day contract in the Sacramento area. I already had my California license and the credentialing was straightforward. I had an understanding boss at my full time job at the time and I took the time off to go on a Locums Assignment. The company (All Medical) took care of all the travel arrangements, I showed up where they directed me. The work assignment was in a rural area and I stayed in a larger city that was a scenic drive away. It was a good experience with the Locums company and the work site. It confirmed my desire to pursue working the Locums route. I gave up a solid job at one of the most recognized healthcare institutions in the world and decided to journey into the unknown. I'm working happily in my second assignment and would not have it any other way. I am glad I made the decision."

PD, Nurse Practitioner

"Allie has been very considerate and attentive to any needs or questions I have asked. She is also periodically checking up to see how things are progressing with the assignment and if she can offer any assistance. It has been a very good experience working with her and the other members of the company. She has connected on a personal level with me when she moved into a new apartment and was telling me about her pets, while I was telling her about my grandchildren. Although we have never met, I feel a connection with her because she goes above and beyond her job description. My experience has been a very positive one with All Medical Staffing and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking employment through a staffing agency. I had a very bad experience with another locum tenen, so I again cannot express how pleased I am with Allie and All Medical staffing!!"