4 Proactive Things You Can Do To Help The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Pink Out Week 2 Collage

The team at AMP is in week number two of our annual October Pink-Out to bring awareness to Breast Cancer. Here are four proactive things you can do to help the fight against breast cancer.

1. Educate Yourself

There is a lot of misinformation online. The best resources are your personal doctors and nurses.

2. Educate Others

Once you have verified your information, spread it as much as you can. Make sure your friends and family know what you know.

3. Know Your Risk

The is a lot that goes in to determining your percentages for Breas Cancer. Communicate openly with your doctor and have the conversation to understand how proactive you need to be.

4. Schedule a Mammogram

Women 40 and above should have these scheduled annually, but talk with your doctor to see if you should start now.

Visit the article here or here for more elaboration and ways you can spread awareness for Breast Cancer throughout the month of October.

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