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With us, travel is personal. We know it’s often the small things that make a difference, like acknowledging your needs and preferences. Feeling like you are part of a team that cares. Talking with recruiters who listen. Our recruiters do more than connect people and places: our goal is to handcraft an exceptional experience. 

All Medical Personnel’s Nurse Care benefits offer our nurses competitive weekly pay, first day insurance, in-house travel management, generous loyalty bonusesreferral bonuses and even pet care. But our personal approach is why practitioners rely on us. If you’re a Travel RN or Staff RN, call our Nurse Recruiters at 1-800-410-0084.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Starting with a new agency is exciting and our goal is to ensure a smooth start for you. Here’s a list of commonly asked questions from new traveling nurses. Of course, you can always contact our team directly at 1-800-410-0084 and we’ll be happy to talk through your concerns and interests.

    Why work with All Medical Personnel?

    We listen. Our goal is to handcraft an exceptional experience for every traveling RN including competitive pay, first day benefits, in-house travel management, generous $1,500 referral bonuses and more. We're different than other agencies because we do it all from phlebs to physicians and RNs. For 30 years we have breathed healthcare - we know it deeper and better than many.

    Do you help with licensing?

    Most certainly. If we offer an assignment where you do not currently have a license, your Nursing Recruiter will coordinate with our in-house compliance department in obtaining it with you.

    Do you have a referral program?

    We love referrals! Yes, we have a paid referral program. You can earn up to $1,500 per referral worked. Go to "Refer a Friend" for details.

    Do you help with continuing education?

    We can help you with finding continuing education opportunities.

    Do you have a 401K plan?

    Yes we have a 401(k) plan. You will be eligible for participate in the plan after you meet enrollment eligibility requirements.

    Do you offer health benefits?

    Yes! We offer great health benefits including medical, dental and vision. Details and rates can be obtained from your Recruiting Manager.

    Do I still have health benefits when I am not on assignment?

    You will continue to have health benefits through a specified period after your last assignment, provided you continue to pay the premium.

    When do I get paid?

    You will be paid weekly.

    What happens when my assignment ends?

    Even when your assignment ends, your relationship with us certainly does not. Your recruiter will contact you 3-4 weeks before the end of your current assignment to explore your options. We won’t leave you hanging!

    What should I expect while on assignment?

    Business-as-usual. Although work locations vary dramatically, the role of nurses and the need for your expertise, guidance and support to patients and co-workers is constantly in demand. When you are not working, you can expect to meet new people and see and do interesting things in the area you live.

    In what types of facilities do you place nurses?

    We typically place travel nurses in hospitals and health systems. There may occasionally be opportunities for office work including case manager assignments as well.

    Will I receive reimbursement for travel?

    Yes, you will receive reimbursement for travel related to moving to and from the work location as long as it is more than fifty (50) miles from your permanent residence.

    Do you pay for housing?

    We do not provide free housing however we will help you secure accommodations at negotiated rates. Depending on your permanent living arrangements and tax circumstances, you may be eligible for the IRS’ tax program for travelers. Your recruiter can explain it in more detail. We do not provide a housing subsidy if you find alternative housing arrangements outside the scope of any of our Agreements.

    Is my housing furnished?

    If your stay at an extended stay hotel, they typically provide all of the furniture. Otherwise you will need to bring your own furnishings.

    How much experience will I need to become a travel nurse?

    We require at least two (2) years of prior nursing experience, a clear state nursing license, completion of our application and on-boarding documents and passing our background checks. It may sound like a lot but don’t sweat it, we will be with you each step of the way.

    Are there any fees associated with All Medical Personnel?

    No, there are zero fees associated with using us.

    How long are your assignments?

    Typically 8-26 weeks but it can vary from client to client.

    What is the application process like?

    Our employment application is simple. If we find an opportunity for you, we’ll email you a link to the application. You complete the application online and sign it electronically. It’s very easy to get started.

    After my application is approved, what is the time frame to placed on assignment?

    Normally 1-2 weeks. After your application is approved, you will complete your on-boarding documents. There are a few items you must fax to us, as well as a background check and a drug screen.

    Am I obligated to take a long term assignment?

    You are always free to choose which assignments to accept. We work hard to match nurses to assignments based on the client’s needs, the nurse’s needs and experience, and a good work culture fit. We do strongly encourage you to carefully consider the opportunity before you decide to turn it down. We cannot guarantee another one will be immediately available.

    Do you offer full time schedules?

    Some clients need full-time schedules. Your Recruiting Manager can help you locate these types of opportunities.

    Can I travel with my pets?

    Yes, we will work with you to find acceptable accommodations. We even offer Pet Insurance!

    Do you provide accommodations for my family?

    Yes! We will work with you to find acceptable accommodations. If none exist, we may need to find another assignment for you.