Healthcare Staffing & Recruiting Resources for COVID-19

All Medical Personnel is humbled to be on the front lines of helping people in a time of uncertainty. Now more than ever, healthcare organizations nationwide are counting on us to supplement their workforce. We stand ready to help employers and candidates alike and invite you to learn about our specialty staffing services for COVID-19 below. 

COVID-19 Specialty Staffing &
Workforce Solutions

Beyond our regular employer services for Locum Tenens, Nursing and Allied Health, All Medical Personnel offers specialty staffing and workforce services specifically for COVID-19. Whether you need Temperature Takers, Health Screeners, Contact Tracers, Nurses, or Mental Health Professionals, our team is ready to build a customized plan for your organization.

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Onsite Health Screening for Employees and Customers

Temperature Takers | Phlebotomists | Nurses | Contact Tracers

Keeping customers safe and employees healthy at work is of critical importance now more than ever. All Medical Personnel helps employers staff for health screening anywhere in the United States. Temperature checkers can be utilized to provide primary screening or as a secondary check for facilities with automated screening. Our RNs and LPNs can assist with providing biometric screening and medical care at client on-site clinics. We can help you develop a customized plan for one or 1,000 locations. Learn more about the 5 things you need to do in order to prepare for onsite screening.

Contact Tracer Staffing

Keep Customers and Employees Safe at Your Facilities

COVID-19 has renewed the interest and importance of contact tracing for health-related matters. All Medical Personnel helps organizations staff contract tracing related positions anywhere in the country. Whether you’re seeking a local, statewide or national staffing solution, All Medical Personnel staffs contact tracers at one or 1,000 locations including government facilities, healthcare worksites, offices, retail stores, restaurant chains, clinics, government buildings, airports, industrial and manufacturing factories and many more. We can help you develop a customized plan. Learn more about contact tracing and the work of contact tracers.

Connect to a Successful Staffing Team

Telehealth Staffing for U.S. Employers

To meet the rising demand for remote treatment capabilities, All Medical Personnel helps employers recruit telehealth providers including physicians, advanced practice and support for sub-specialty needs. We staff for organizations of all sizes in the United States, including complete workforce solutions.

Cerebral Staffing. Observable Results.

Behavioral Health Staffing for U.S. Employers

The stresses of a modern-day world demand qualified behavioral practitioners help those who struggle, especially concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. All Medical Personnel helps employers staff behavioral and mental health facilities. Smart staffing programs alleviate the sourcing and recruiting pressures often found in large organizations. Our team is ready to build a customized workforce solution for you, anywhere in the United States at one or 1,000 facilities. 

Request Information

Contact us to request staff, obtain a quote or ask for information about our healthcare workforce solutions. You can also give us a call at 1-800-706-2378. We look forward to hearing from you!