COVID Testing Staff for Airports, Airlines and Cruises

Employee and Passenger COVID-19 Testing Staff for the Travel Industry

All Medical Personnel is helping the travel industry meet the COVID-19 pandemic testing requirements for employees and passengers including specialization with airports, airlines, cruises, railways and bus.

COVID Testing Positions We Staff


Med Lab Techs

Registered Nurses

Licensed Practical Nurses

Licensed Vocation Nurses

Medical Assistants

Patient Care Techs

Emergency Med Techs

Serological Testers

Travel Industry Clients We Serve

Airport Authority

Commercial Airlines

Groudcrew and Hubs

Airline Lounges

Cruise Lines

Port Authority

Passenger Terminals

Shuttle Services

Passenger Railways

Rail Stations and Terminals

Railroad Authority

Intermodal Transit

Motorcoach Operators

Bus Terminals

Charters and Tours

Service Suppliers

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Please send us a message for more information about our testing staff for the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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