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COVID-19 has renewed the interest and importance of contact tracing for health-related matters. All Medical Personnel helps organizations and government entities staff contract tracing related positions anywhere in the country. Whether you’re seeking a local, statewide or national staffing solution, All Medical Personnel staffs contact tracers at one or 1,000 locations including government facilities, healthcare worksites, offices, retail stores, restaurant chains, clinics, government buildings, airports, industrial and manufacturing factories and many more. We can help you develop a customized plan. Contact us to request information about contact tracing staffing services.

What is Contact Tracing?

Contact tracers are part of a larger team dedicated to stopping the spread of disease

Contact tracers are integral members of contact tracing teams. Specifically, they are part of health screening services for both public agencies and organizations with employees returning to work from COVID-19 lock-downs. Regardless of the size of an outbreak, the goal for contact tracing remains the same: to break the chains of transmission between people through good old fashioned detective work. In part, that means sketching a literal web of people an infected person has physically come into contact with by calling each and every one of them. 

The service of contract tracing goes well beyond the role of contact tracers themselves. The CDC highlights no less than ten roles related to contact tracing including the following jobs:

  • Care Resource Manager

  • Case Investigation & Contact Tracing Lead

  • Case Investigator

  • Clinical Consultant

  • Data Manager  

  • Epidemiologist 

  • High-Risk Medical Monitor

  • Infection Control Personnel

  • Self-Isolation & Self-Quarantine Monitor

  • Surveillance Triage and Support

Historically speaking, there were relatively few contact tracers before Coronavirus. Contact tracing was required for small outbreaks of disease and illness, albeit at a local and regional level, and mostly by government agencies for public health protection. The tide has changed though, and the CDC estimates the need for 100,000 contact tracers in the coming months and years for public agencies and employers alike. Learn more about contact tracing from the CDC here, and WebMD, here

Contact our staffing team to learn how we can build a workforce of contact tracers for your organization.

Hiring Health Screeners in the U.S. -
5 Things To Consider Before Starting

Hiring temperature checkers, contact tracers and health screeners, even temporarily, requires planning and knowledge. Here’s a short checklist of what’s involved:

  1. Confirm if local, state and/or federal authorities have allowed your facility to re-open.
  2. Decide if you are going to use an existing employee or bona-fide healthcare professional to conduct screens. If you are going to use a healthcare professional, decide if you will use a staffing agency to help recruit one or more people.
  3. Research the temporary factors under which employers are permitted to perform a health check on an employee (which is normally not permitted), how to conduct it while maintaining confidentiality, and keeping tabs on the suspension or extension of temporary pandemic-related regulations.
  4. Establish a plan to execute a consistent procedure to deal with employees or customers who have a temperature or “don’t pass” a screen.
  5. Obtain the necessary medical equipment to perform checks, including disposable or sterilized tools and a clean environment.

All Medical Personnel’s Onsite Health Screen staffing service alleviates the hassle of dealing with these concerns, and more. We can build a customized workforce plan for your facility or facilities across the U.S. 

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